Classic “pulling an Erika”moment, in which beet juice flies across the entire kitchen…


Red velvet cupcakes are a challenging beast. To achieve the desired hue of deep, bright red, ungodly amounts of toxic red food coloring must be dumped into the batter. Many times, many red velvet experiments, I have attempted these things. European red food coloring must not be as toxic as the American cousin because it turns cakes a purplish color that just does not warrant the name “red velvet”. Earlier this year, I succeeded in getting a really rich, lasting red in my red velvet cupcakes, but this was because I used something like two small bottles of red food color (I do need to get some gel or paste food coloring, which is much more potent when using far less).

Recently I decided I would have a go using beets. Having done some research to determine the best method of going about this, it seems that most people do not have great success with beets when they roast and puree them (final cake turns out brownish-rust color). Other people have put their beets into a food processor and used the raw processed result in the cake. I decided raw is probably best, so I put my juicer into action, figuring that both the juice and the beet “pulp” would be great in the cake.

It would have helped, however, if I had put the pitcher under the juicer’s tap before turning it on. I cannot describe the gasp/weird sound of panic that escaped from my mouth as I realized that beet juice was not just pouring onto the counter but onto the floor and was flying across the room onto cabinet doors and appliances. Ah yes, takes me back to the days when I used to be clumsier than this (and more frequently), when my then-boyfriend would refer to all my mishaps of this nature as “pulling an Erika”.

This beet juice disaster is classic pulling-an-Erika action.

Stay tuned for beet-juice red velvet cupcake results in a future post.

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  1. H82typ

    Will we be treated to pictures of the beet juice/pulp in places where you did not mean for it to go? :angel: :wait:

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