a wee grocery store rant


all people shopping in sweden have been brainwashed to be careful about making sure that the bar code on their groceries is facing toward them/away from the checker because it speeds up the checkout process. this might be true if a person with a lot of groceries is in front of them but it’s kind of a common sense thing … if you have a lot of groceries, a long line behind you and the checker is not doing anything but swiping your items, it might make better sense just to set your items on the counter faster without worrying about the bar code positioning.

but because of the brainwashing and because of swedes/norwegians preferring to follow rules obliviously without regard to common sense, sometimes people are carefully (read slowly) unloading groceries, lining up the bar codes while the checker is sort of sitting there waiting for one item after another… twiddling her thumbs between items because the customer is so stupid they can’t see it would at that point be faster not to worry about the fucking bar code – he is holding up the entire line.

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