High Fiber Diet


After more than two years of waiting, the fiber is live at the homestead.

It’s unbelievable how long this project took. The process of getting the cable in the ground, then connected from outside to inside the house, and then getting the media box installed has taken just over two years.

The media box is the final step – but strangely it was so inconsequential time and work wise that I don’t understand why it took a year between the outside-in installation and the media box part. Really. I guess it is because it is the entire municipality that’s a part of this project and some of them dragged their feet burying their cable (delaying it for an entire frozen winter).

Where I live, you can get only semi-decent internet connectivity but the amount of data is limited and expensive. Communities here have to take up the initiative independently and then can get funds from the EU, etc. once organized. I gather that the organizational part was a big process, collecting signatures and that whole rigmarole. But 2.5 years!?

I almost want to have a party to celebrate that this is finally done. All fi(be)red up!

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