The Art of Iced Tea


Growing up my mother always made giant jugs of iced tea in summer. It seemed commonplace at the time, nothing remarkable. She’d break out these large plastic jugs in late spring, and we’d never run out until summer did.

Since leaving home, I tried to make iced tea maybe only once. It was difficult because I never had a refrigerator big enough to hold a very large pitcher (and it never seemed worthwhile to make iced tea at all unless I could make a whole lot of it at once).

Suddenly the last few months, I have wanted iced tea badly. Especially when I go to restaurants – and there is no option for pure, plain, unsweetened iced tea anywhere. In the US, of course, it’s pretty much everywhere. What a simple, good but ridiculously cheap thing to drink.

I finally did it – I made two pitchers and they turned out even better than I hoped. I had a glass with lemon, and I am again truly happy with the small things.

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