Cheese, glorious cheese: “A nice amount of cheese”


Check out this hideous 80s commercial about cheese – glorious cheese. The song came to mind, but the commercial eluded me. Dear heavens… the discussion of “real cheese” (versus what? Cheez Whiz and other non-real cheese alternatives?) makes me laugh. Painful.

Recently I came into a lot of cheese. I found some extra mature cheddar, found some stuff like Swiss Emmental and French Comté, made some homemade paneer… and then my friend came to visit (an Italian woman who lives in Iceland) and brought Italian stuff – Grana Padano, Asiago and some others. My goodness the Asiago was amazing. I do not normally have such an insane abundance of cheese at home.

Never enough, never too much. Always a “nice amount of cheese”.

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