Locker room


If someone had come into the locker room all those times and seen the weird shit you do in there, you might be asked not to return to the gym. No, no, nothing like the old man using the blow dryers liberally on his penis. No, instead the things like you standing on a bench and holding your phone, on record, up to the speakers as Charles & Eddie’s one-hit “Would I Lie To You?” blasted. Or when you needed a photo of yourself and asked your friend to take pictures of you standing against a wall. Your friend couldn’t capture just what he wanted, so this photo session went on too long – what would your modeling session look like to a bystander? And on it goes.

The whole thing made me think about how you – or anyone – could be the story other people are making up or telling. We make up stories all the time about others we see during our people-watching, but our imaginary world could be created at the same time, unknowingly, by someone else. What stories are floating around about you or me?

Photo (c) 2008 Thomas Hawk used under Creative Commons license.

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