When we are the forgotten object… it all becomes transparent.

The Dream
Solveig von Schoultz
In the sudden lamplight
skirts became transparent
around the dark core of her body.
Quickly she threw them away.
They lifted like the petals of a poppy flower
flew over the bed, white bells.
The man groped for them
buried his mouth in the cool submissiveness
sank his face into her evanescent scent.
But she stood naked
and forgotten
by the bed.


I ett plötsligt lyktsken
blev alla kjolar genomskinliga
kring hennes kropps mörka kärna.
Hastigt kastade hon dem från sig.
De lyfte som vallmoblad
flög över sängen som vita klockor.
Mannen grep efter dem
borrade sin mun i det svala undergivna.
doppade sitt ansikte i hennes flyktiga doft
Men hon stod naken
vid sängen.

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