my wisdom


My Wisdom
Naomi Shihab Nye

When people have a lot
they want more
When people have nothing
they will happily share it
Some people say
never getting your way
builds character
By now our character must be
deep and wide as a continent
Africa, Australia
giant cascade of stars
spilling over our huge night
Where did the power go?
Did it enjoy its break?
Is power exhausted?
What is real power?
Who really has power?
Did the generator break?
Do we imagine silence
more powerful because
it might contain everything?
Quiet always lives
inside noise.
But does it get much done?
Silence waits
for truth to break it
Calendars can weep too
They want us to have better days
Welcome to every minute
Feel lucky you’re still in it
No bird builds a wall
Sky purse
Won’t give up
our hopes
            for anything!
Not your fault
You didn’t make the world
How dare this go on and on?
cried the person who believed in praying
God willing     God willing        God willing
There were others who prayed
   to ruins & stumps
Open palms
     hold more
Refuse to give
      too much power
Annoying person?
Person who told me to stay home
and do what other girls do?
If you disappeared
I still might miss you
Babies want to help us
They laugh
for no reason
Pay close attention to
a drop of water
on the kitchen table
You cannot say one word about religion
and exclude Ahmad