I Go Bodiless
Blanca Varela

I go bodiless from the sun to the shady
water music of living shadow
through the narrowing vagina
which guides me from blindness to light

under the high echoing dome
in this colossal semblance of a nest
I touch the sea belly with my belly
I inspect my body meticulously
poke at my feelings
I am alive


incorpóreo paseo del sol a lo umbrío
agua música en la sombra viviente
atravieso la afilada vagina
que me guía de la ceguera a la luz

bajo la alta cúpula sonora
en este colosal simulacro de nido
toco el vientre marino con mi vientre
registro minuciosamente mi cuerpo
hurgo mis sentimientos
estoy viva

The hanged man


Dream of the Forgotten Lover
-Lucia Fox
The man entered through my eyes
and left I dare not mention how…
But now there seems to remain no trace of him
in my body. The effects have passed
like a fever, and I hardly think of him
when he returns sick from Japan
in my dream.
So united in bed, so close on our walks,
and now a postcard
painted in the windowpane by my dream.
Is it possible to sacrifice?
Is it a sacrifice to sleep in flamingo feathers?
Patience stretches out unbelievably,
developed while drinking – unlike Socrates –
a cup of tea.
The feeling
is a little like when the Tarot cards by chance
turn up the Hanged Man.

Photo by Jacob Ufkes on Unsplash