Sarah Kay
When we moved in together,
I noticed–

You keep your scissors in the knife drawer.
I keep mine with the string and tape.

We both know how to hide our sharpest parts,
I just don’t always recognize my own weaponry.

want to hear


Something We Don’t Talk About, Part II
Sarah Kay
how many times I said yes
how many times I said yes and yes and yes
because it was what you wanted to hear
and what I wanted you to hear
and what I wanted to want
and every time the walls
stayed above my head instead of
falling down upon me upon us
because if it was going to stop
then it would have to be me who said no
the walls were not going to help
and I didn’t say no I didn’t I never did
it was never your fault never yours
never mine only the walls that didn’t tumble
when they should have
when they should have known
they should have been able to tell
when was the right time to fall

counting the exits


The Moves
Sarah Kay
You can tell she is counting exit signs.
You can tell she has left
her shoes by the door, laces already tied.

Leaving is an easy art to learn. But the
advanced steps – the pirouettes and arabesques
are difficult to master.

This is how I disappear in pieces.
This is how I leave while not moving from my seat.
This is how I dance away.
This is how I’m gone before you wake.