Bouche d’or


Honestly, what can I say except that it is better in the original French? The translation isn’t mine, and even if I think some of the translation projects nice imagery, I don’t feel like it reflects the original tone all that accurately. But what do I know? I’m no translator.

At the 5 corners
Blaise Cendrars
To be brave enough to make noise, and to make it
Everything’s color, motion, explosion, light
Life’s flowering in the windows of the sun
which melts in my mouth –
I’m ripe –
Translucent, I fall down in the street.

No kidding!

I don’t know how to open my eyes?
Mouth of gold –
In this game, the stakes are poetry.


Aux 5 coins
Oser et faire du bruit
Tout est couleur mouvement explosion lumière
La vie fleurit aux fenêtres du soleil
Qui se fond dans ma bouche
Je suis mûr
Et je tombe translucide dans la rue

Tu parles, mon vieux

Je ne sais pas ouvrir les yeux?
Bouche d’or
La poésie est en jeu

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