night reunites


Night and the House
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
Night reunites the house and its silence
From the foundations up
To the still flower
Only the ticking of time’s clock is heard

Night reunites the house and its destiny
Now nothing is scattered nothing divided
Everything watches like the vigilant cypress

Emptiness walks in its living spaces

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

lost face


One needs an excuse for using such a creepy photo.

Cecilia Meireles
I didn’t have this face then,
So calm, and sad, and thin,
Nor these eyes that are so empty,
Nor these bitter lips.

I didn’t have these weak hands then,
So still, and cool and dead;
I didn’t have this heart then
That I hate to bare today.

I was never aware of changing,
So simple, so certain, so easy.
-Into which mirror then
was my face lost?


Eu não tinha este rosto de hoje,
assim calmo, assim triste, assim magro,
nem estes olhos tão vazios,
nem o lábio amargo.

Eu não tinha estas mãos sem força,
tão paradas e frias e mortas;
eu não tinha este coração
que nem se mostra.

Eu não dei por esta mudança,
tão simples, tão certa, tão fácil:
– Em que espelho ficou perdida
a minha face?

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

portuguese mistake


Portuguese Mistake
Oswald de Andrade
When the Portuguese arrived
It was raining like crazy
He dressed the Indian in clothes
What a shame!
If only it had been a sunny day
The Indian would have undressed
The Portuguese.


Erro de português
Quando o português chegou
Debaixo duma bruta chuva
Vestiu o índio
Que pena! Fosse uma manhã de sol
O índio tinha despido
O português